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Sex & Mischief Enchanted Crop 25.75in - Black/Red

Sex & Mischief Enchanted Crop 25.75in - Black/Red

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Sturdy, durable and light, the Enchanted Crop is sure to be your new go-to impact toy. Put your partner in the perfect position and the carbon fiber crop will glide through the air quickly and leave an impression. Deep burgundy color with black tip and handle makes this crop not only functional but beautiful. Take things to the next level by pairing with your Enchanted Hood, your sub won’t know what to expect next.

Total: 25.75 in.
Tip: 2.5 in.
Shaft: 15 in.
Handle: 8.25 in.

Packaged Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 0.28lbs
Length: 31.00"
Width: 3.05"
Height: 1.50"

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