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Optimum Series Excutive Big Man's Pump - Clear

Optimum Series Excutive Big Man's Pump - Clear

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This Heavy-duty oversized cylinder is designed for the big man. Super stretchy XL enhancer ring is included. Removable, flexible air hose easily detaches while maintaining superior suction.

-Cylinder: 11.5 x 4/29.25 cm x 10.25 cm
-Enhancer: 1.25/3.25 cm

-Cylinder: Acrylic
-Hose, ring: Silicone
-Handle, release valve: ABS
-Connector: POM

Item Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 1.11lbs
Length: 0.00"
Width: 0.00"
Height: 0.00"

Packaged Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 1.28lbs
Length: 17.00"
Width: 5.50"
Height: 4.00"

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